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High modulus base

product development


Due to the shift in the Industrial and container marker whereby the land footprint is reduced and warehousing is elevated, sustaining additional weight and utilising automated higher level stack stands, ECORR In conjunction with leading industry design engineers has developed and produced a purpose built stabilised Road Base material (High Modulus Base) for the application requirements of High Bay Warehousing and Container Pavement.


Throughout the design application and consultation period, ECORR trialled a variety of fine particle gradings as well as binder mixes. Over time ECORR has adjusted mix designs and developed a rigorous compliance regime with the design engineers to maximise the use of recovered products in mix with a stabilment, which includes waste concrete and fly ash.

ECORR has special engineered our HM3000 and HM5000 High Modulus Base that has the following properties:

  • ‘fines-rich’ which aides in sealing off the finished surface minimising moisture ingress into the subgrade and hence maintaining pavement integrity during construction.
  • The special engineered blend responds well to the final stabilment blends.
  • High Modulus results.
  • High CBR.
  • Zero swell.