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Recycled Roadbase (20mm DGB)


ECORR produces a high quality Densely Graded Base from construction waste concrete compliant to the RMS 3051 Edition 7 Specification. Used as an unbound or bound (with the addition of binder) Base pavement material in the construction of State, Council and Civil Infrastructure and hardstand applications. 20DGB is also a suitable alternative for use as high quality easily compactible select structural fill material. 20DGB is suitable for use in the construction or hardstands requiring high load bearing strength and low shrinkage well properties.

DOWNLOAD RMS Approval for our 20DGB Recycled

  • RMS 3051 Ed5

  • RMS3051 Ed7

  • Cost savings

  • Protecting the environment with sustainable practices and resource recovery

  • Protecting natural resource stock

  • Industry and Government development with ecological sustainability practices